Our focus on sustainability and positive impact on people and the environment runs through everything we do.

This has been our driving force since we were founded in 2014. We believe that investments that meet the highest ethical and sustainability standards provide more value to communities and economies as well as to our investors.
Environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) as well as UN-SDG criteria are of critical importance for all decisions. This shapes our perspective on every project we accompany.

We commit ourselves to:

  • Protect the environment
  • Respect fundamental human rights
  • Meet the community’s expectations
  • Develop and value human capital
In our approach, we have taken into account the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They are important to our philosophy of mandate selection.
The SDGs are goals that aim to help companies and investors, among other things, to change the world, eradicate poverty and inequality, and at the same time protect the environment for future generations. We have consciously taken up these goals in order to give our work a clear purpose. We focus on the areas where we can make the most difference:
  • Fight climate change
  • Create resilient infrastructure
  • Ensure access to clean and affordable energy for all
  • Establish good and fair working conditions
  • Ensure Diversity and gender equality
  • Improve biodiversity
We attach great importance to maximizing the social and environmental benefits and minimizing negative impact. We stand for a sustainable philosophy that protects the environment and serves the common good.
We strive for sustainable projects that meet the needs of local communities and the economy.
We guarantee this through our focused approach.